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Job Req:   194511                                                            Posted Date:  05/21/2020

Job Title:   Intelligence Assessment Analyst-Data Scientist     Location:  Mclean, VA

Job Description: 

  • Draft quantitative and qualitative analytic assessments across collection reporting, analytic production, and intelligence requirements.

  • Develop analytic methods to assess collection, analysis, and progress against information needs.

  • Provide support, reviews, analysis, and feedback.

  • Assist in developing and maintaining databases and automated tools that:

    • Manage compilation, analysis and communications

    • Extract, analyze and visualize data from various sources

  • Recommend solutions to data extraction, storage, search, and analysis challenges based on best practices.

Required Clearance:  Top Secret

Required Qualifications:  

  • BA plus 4 years of work experience. If no degree, then 9 years of work experience.

  • 5 years of experience related to job description.

  • 1 year IC experience.

  • Experience in drafting clear and concise products describing complex data and analysis.

  • Experience conducting data extraction and analysis of large volumes of data.

  • Experience generating reports, charts, plots of distribution and trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analyses.

  • Experience developing scripts, queries, or visualizations to support analysis of data.

  • Understanding descriptive statistics, regression, and classification models.

  • Knowledge of cloud services.

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